History's 30 Greediest Gold Diggers

History's 30 Greediest Gold Diggers. Some people will do a lot to get ahead. One of those things is marrying someone that has a lot more money than they do just to get that sweet, sweet dough. Some husbands and wives stay married to their breadwinner while others choose to get a divorce. Through the divorce, they usually collect a huge settlement and alimony, which basically sets them up for life. Look at Anna Nicole Smith, for example! Or, actually, pretty much anyone who marries an old person that’s on their last legs.

Today, we’re going to go over some of the greediest gold diggers that have ever got hitched. Some of these people are downright sleazy! Granted, we can’t say that all of them got into it for the money. Guy Ritchie and Madonna were married for eight years. Ritchie was a fledgling director, but Madonna? She was on top of the world in 2000. Before they could hit their decade mark, the two got divorced, and Ritchie got a nice sum of money. By then, he was kinda established, but he wouldn’t reach legendary status until later. Madonna was a big paycheck, but she was clearly more than that after eight years of marriage.

These are 30 of the greediest people out there. In the words of Kanye: we’re not saying they’re gold diggers, but they’re not messing with broke people.

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